1. Meditation

Our classes usually start with 3-5 minutes of meditation which is a 100% Natural Brain Detoxification. Meditation, or the practice of self-awareness in body and mind, has been revered for thousands of years as a natural, accessible way to regulate our reaction to stress and manifest good health. It helps kids read and respond to internal signals of stress before their developing brains and bodies give into a full-blown tantrum.

Research studies have shown by incorporating meditation for kids into their daily routine, they will have the opportunity to tap into this valuable skill at a moment’s notice to help them reduce anxiety, improve mental clarity, focus and a feeling of calmness.

2. Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a proprietary brain training and body movement program where we offer a set of 60-70 Brain Gym exercises that helps in well-balanced cognitive development of the child’s mind and body. These exercises increase oxygen supply to the brain and makes your child smarter and sharper. Brain gym helps kids build their “cross midline” skills. It assisted in developing a bilateral skill—the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time in an organized and controlled manner. It promotes the coordination and communication of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and discovered the connection between movement and learning which is an essential factor in intellectual growth.

Research studies shows the more the learners used learning activities with movement the higher their academic achievements.

3. Recalling Activities

Recalling activities are essential for learning, impactful on critical thinking, and streamlines studying for better academic performances as these games create cognitive maps in our mind and helps in cracking any entrance exams. Researchers believed cognitive mapping to be a type of latent learning where individuals acquire large numbers of signals or cues from the environment and use these to build a mental image of their environment or a cognitive map.

Playing these extremely simple memory games boost brain functions such as attention, concentration and visual reorganization. In every class we are giving 20-40 recalling words to each kid that helps children nurture their attention to detail, give space to critical thinking and sharpen problem solving skills.

4. Neurobics

We all are familiar with the benefits of aerobic exercise to the heart and the lungs, but we often overlook the benefits of neurobic to strengthening of neurons and neuronal networks. Our program offers a set of discrete fun brain games and activities that results in the production of “natural brain fertilizer”. It nourishes nerve connections and help your child’s nerve cell receivers (dendrites) stay stronger and younger. The fun activity in this component apart from the games is learning ambidextrous skills which helps in syncing both sides of their brain at the same time and improves regeneration of neurons.

5. Advance Math

Advanced math is a system similar to ancient vedic education system. Advance Math excels and encourages your child to practice mental calculation which are based on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, roots, and higher calculations. The techniques they learn in this program helps them, to accelerate the accuracy and speed of traditional methods taught in school. This will eventually help kids in scoring high in exams requiring mathematical calculations.

6. Blindfold

Blindfolding activities greatly contribute to the overall kid’s development of children. Children can perform routine tasks like reading and writing or identifying colors/shapes, newspaper reading, flashcard reading, book reading, solving flashcard puzzles, debit/credit card number reading, currency identification, etc. blindfolded easily. The regular training of blindfolding activities improves imagination, concentration, photographic memory of children and detoxifies the pineal gland. Blindfolding learning enhances the sensing power of kids rendering better health, intelligence, and emotional stability.

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