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     Behaviour Means how to behave  or how to treat other people and all persons are identified by their behaviour. Behaviour has two forms good behaviour and bad behaviour. Behaviour is summarised with every living being and we can predict or  estimate that why someone is behaving good or bad  in  some special conditions.when kids find the environment or conditions of love, care ,emotion and good Vibes around then the kids are always good in in his or her behaviour usually.  But opposite to this when kids find fighting. non loving not caring and negative Vibes around them are mostly bad or ill behaviours in their nature.

                  When we talk about general behaviour, good behaviour is expected from everyone whether they are young,old or kids. A good behaviour person is always loved by all.He/She is always favourite among all.everyone praises him/her.They are always helped by others frequently when needed and they always spread the environment of happiness around them.They have good memories in heart of people. On the other hand people who always behave badly or treat the other people very badly are always categorised as bad person.they are not liked by anyone.no one likes their company and no one likes to help them when needed and they always face problems in their lives. They always create an environment of sadness and unhappiness around them.People have memories of bad experiences with them and people dont like to recall them.

                   Good behaviour or bad behaviour of a person  always arises from childhood. So it is very important for parents to keep special attention on the behaviour of their kids.  Behaviour of kids depends on their home environment and their neighbourhood and some percentage of their behaviour is  affected by their friend’s company. Ill behaviour of a kid can be changed by parents if they give attention on time. if kids behaviour has to be changed and there is a need of bringing positive changes the parents are not supposed to lecture them. Meanwhile the kids behaviour can be changed by setting a good example of parents good behaviour because the kids learn from their elders. Meanwhile the type of behaviour is expected from the kids we have to follow first and then the kids will learn themselves .

             As bad behaviour can’t be defined nor it can be bounded in words but we can understand by kids action for example when kids just ignore you you and your talks they become hyper on small small issues ,treat other people rudely ,show anger to their elders insult their elders, ignore their little ones and uses abusive language which is not acceptable. For changing this bad behaviour of kids, parents have to try hard but with discipline and love.when the kids do wrong the parents become hyper and it becomes a major issue for them to handle them . The best solution is that you should involve kids in other works and give responsibilities to them .

                     Parents have to teach about good and bad issues to the kids but with discipline and love . We have to tell them about the importance of elders, how to respect elders and have to tell them about our rituals and family values. Experts say when a kid stops thinking they behave badly because they don’t think about what they are doing and it may be due to lack of confidence or lack of power of taking decisions . There may be so many reasons behind it like miscommunication between kids and parents or communication gap between family members, excessive pressure on kids from parents’ side or bad environment of home, lack of good manners or good habits, lack of family values, Insomnia etc. Its is the duty of parents to know about the exact reason behind the behaviour of kids and should try to resolve that problem and they should lead them, kids learn fastly, so set the positive and best example in front of kids which will lead the positive change in behaviour of kids .

               So the conclusion is that the surroundings make the behaviour of kids,so give them a positive and happy environment which will give him good direction in development  of good behaviour. Behave as you want to be behaved by others.       

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    Self-confidence is   a mental as well as spiritual power because of which hard and great work are to be done completed easily and successfully. Confidence means believing in yourself, because of which a person gets success in any type of work what he does or want to do. Hurdles of the world cannot stop that person who believes in himself, whatever the circumstances are, they don’t care about. In contrast to that, people who lack confidence remains failure in every field. This is the milestone which makes the building of our life.

                                                                           Confidence is necessary for all people no matters what the age of the people is. But it is not to be ignored that with the experiences, the confidence becomes stronger. It makes the life easier and remains independent of the age of the people. A child full of self-confidence can get success earlier than any person many times older than that lags behind him just because of non-believing in himself.

                                                                 Self-confidence acts like a tonic to the children as they have to learn and study more and more and making himself more trained is the primary function. They have to study and preparation for exams for which believing in himself is the most important factor which they need. More the confidence a student has, higher the chances of getting success. Study and then exams these both are successfully proceeded only by those students who are full up to brim with self-confidence. In opposite to that, those students who lacks confidence have to face many problems. so, parents and teachers should try to develop this power of children so that they can face the problems confidently. First of all, praising an admiring of the Child’s activity is necessary   as it gives a positive impact on the Childs brain and the self-confidence increases immediately. In some children the development of self confidence remains slow but with the passage of time that can be improved with the help of their parents and teachers.  . The parents and teachers can play a key role in the development of confidence in their children by boosting. They have to show their trust in his capabilities or towards a low confident child by motivating him from time to time. As a mentor or parents, they should try to develop a healthy and understanding relationship with such type of children so that they can assume themselves more secure and safe.                                          

    .+ Every activity and the work of child should be appreciated being careless about the result. Every positive action should be praised which will make them happy and raise the level of confidence automatically. They should be rewarded for their performance. Every child has its potential and calibre. Comparison between two should not be allowed otherwise it can affect their skill and level of confidence. Instead of counting their negative points, everyone should care about their qualities. We should try to explore a Child’s inner talent by motivation, the level of confidence will be high. depending on the interest and quality, the child should be praised and motivated to get progress from time to time and more chances to be given for performance to make him confident. The parents and teachers should try to be ideal for each child. From them he can learn how a person can be patience full and confident even in adverse conditions. The mind of child grabs exactly what he looks around himself. slowly and slowly presence of parents’ and teachers’ trust on him will make him more confident and able to fight even unfavourable conditions.                               .                            

     Parents should try to make their children independent from their early stage. They should allow them to complete their work themselves to get confidence but should try to observe them whether they can do or not. These small tasks in the childhood will develop a quality of being independent and later on help in becoming confident which is most necessary to make them successful in life later on.