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     Any substance that is made up of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water and which is consumed by living beings is called food.  Living beings consume food not only to be alive but also to live a healthy and active life. Food has many types of nutrients which build the body, keep the body fit and give energy to do daily life activities .Healthy body is deeply related with food in taken. If the food is healthy and full of nutrients our   body and mind will be healthy. If the food is deficient in nutrients, the body will not be healthy. Food not only has effects on the body but it has a great impact on the mind also. In other words, food is the base of life and it is mandatory for all to have good food. Food has so much importance in life after knowing the fact that people are not aware about food. From kids to oldies all are so busy in their lives that they don’t have enough time to have food properly. So, everyone is having food according to their time availability. Everyone decides food time according to their schedules. But the food should be taken at proper time. Food time must be only food time. But in today’s life people have their food in a running manner as they are so busy in their lives. As it is about kids it’s not only important to have food on time but it’s also important to have qualitative food for their body growth. Today’s kids are habitual of having spicy, fried and junk food and when they see home cooked food which is so healthy, they don’t like it and they make faces of different types. So, the kids should not have outside food which is so unhealthy and unhygienic so they must concentrate on homemade healthy hygienic and balanced diet. Because when the kids don’t get balanced diet, they can suffer from malnutrition and many diseases can target them easily, so it is the responsibility of every parent to take care of   their kids’ food. Good food means balanced diet which has  proper ratio of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. The food should be like that It not only full our stomach but make  our heart and soul happy too. Such type of food is so important and this type of food can be get from cereals, pulses, milk, curd, dry fruits, fruits, buttermilk, butter, ghee, fresh vegetables etc. For having proper minerals everyone should have green vegetables in their meal. So it’s very important to have balanced diet for proper growth of kids. Food is not only important for kids’ physical growth but for their mental growth also. As it is said that HEALTHY MIND LIVES IN A HEALTHY BODY.  In other words, food is the base for overall growth in life.