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Mr. Lalit is the founder of Bacchapanti having over 15 years of experience in the learning and education industry. In his journey of experience, he has also been an expert motivational speaker, a kids/parent counselor, and a business consultant for startups. An MCA, MTECH, Mr. Lalit has taken many initiatives in the field of learning and education. He had laid the foundation of Sigma Science Academy that focuses on rendering career counseling services to students. He is also the co-founder of Careerkibaar.com that helps students in comparing and selecting colleges and courses for the best education.

Mr. Lalit’s visionary ideas see no limits. Being a co-founder of Jobskibaat.com and Skilled Business Solutions, he has contributed to the growth of the recruitment and consultancy services for skilled aspirants and budding businesses. To encourage the development of startups in India, he founded Shri Sevak as a one-stop solution for on-demand services for startups.

Mr. Lalit was greatly inspired by the traditional education system and Vedic culture. He gave wings to his ideas in the year 2010 when he started research on the traditional Indian education system and Vedic Sanskriti. He founded Bacchapanti in one room of his home in May 2012 with a batch of 8 kids of Mr. Lalit’s relatives. It aimed at the overall brain development of kids with blindfolding activities, telepathy, cube solving, Vedic Maths, Abacus, Quantum speed, etc.

In the year 2013, the improvements among kids related to blindfolding activities were evident. In Feb 2014, a second batch started with 10 kids living in the same area in one room. It was motivating to see the development among kids from Beyond the Box and Telepathy in 2015.

The positive results and promising overall development of kids laid the foundation of Bacchapanti in Oct 2015 with a group of courses. With encouraging response, one center in 2018 in Noida and two more centers were started in Faridabad and Gurugram under a franchise model.

In the year 2020, the kids performed at an award function and displayed their skills. In the COVID period, we started an online model to provide educational courses for overall kids’ development. It’s been a long journey with one room to multiple centers in nearby cities that has motivated us to expand and provide educational courses for kids. From an offline mode, we launched an online model in the COVID period that would educate kids globally from home.

We dream to be big, our next milestone is to reach every city with an online mode and franchise model. Not only India, but we would also expand globally.

About Bacchapanti

Taking inspiration from Vedic and Gurukul teaching methodologies, Mr. Lalit Garg, Founder and Head Trainer of BacchaPanti has taken an initiative to nourish the mental abilities of children. He has over 10 years of corporate experience as a Management Consultant and Trainer with many corporate firms. He has been working relentlessly for the overall development of kids and quality education in the country. His interest in philosophy, meditation, and Vedic history has inspired him to take a step forward for the future generations. He has acquired knowledge from different development courses and meditation that has made him successful in his endeavors.

BacchaPanti is a beautiful effort of professionals to instill unimaginable abilities in children with the help of brain development programs that include meditation and blindfold activities.

We have the vision to provide children unique sensing abilities through meditation and Vedic teaching practices. A blindfold activity is a way to ignite the mental ability of a child. BacchaPanti Education comprises of brain development courses that are designed to enrich the minds of children that enable them to do activities blindfolded.

From the online BacchaPanti Education courses, children learn about the five senses and explore the sense of sight. They can perform activities like blindfold reading and writing, bend the spoon with the power of the brain, object identification, cycling, running, put a thread in a needle, puzzle-solving, drawing/paintings, play games like carom, cricket, cube solving, solving Rubik’s cube, etc.

In the course of time, with regular practice and meditation, the children would be able to see beyond the wall and look into the closed box blindfolded. With BacchaPanti Education, kids also become expert in reading minds and perform Telepathy. The quantum speed course learning enables the kids to read a 500 page book within 15 minutes.

We believe that Indian cultural heritage and Vedic culture has great potential that needs awareness among kids and parents. At an early age from 4-15, if kids are exposed to such brain development programs from BacchaPanti Education, they can perform normal activities blindfolded. Children can also apply for many other courses that focus on mental ability and brain development like Vedic Match, Abacus, Quantum Speed, and Rubik’s cube solving. Such programs improve mathematical, logical, and reasoning abilities. It also improves the speed of calculations and sensory abilities. Kids can also apply for meditation courses that are very beneficial for their overall development, confidence building and also build immunity.

We at BacchaPanti have a team of expert and professional trainers who impart children's knowledge about Vedic culture and value-based education. We train them with the skills to perform unimaginable activities blindfolded. Our renowned BacchaPanti Education teachers help children to imbibe mathematical and aptitude skills to perform quick mathematical calculations.


To focus on children’s brain development and value-based education


  • BacchaPanti Education aims at improving the mental ability of children through diverse brain development programs.
  • To increase awareness about value-based education and Vedic teaching methodologies.
  • To provide high-quality knowledge.

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