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Welcome to BacchaPanti

Online Vedic Gurukul's Meditation Based Kid's Development Program
  • Brain Activation
  • Focused Memory
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Cognitive Development
  • Brain Detoxification
  • Learning & Fun
  • Healthy Brain Power
  • Photographic Memory
Our philosophy is learning through playing & fun as we offer a stimulating environment for children.
  • Vedic Gurukul Education

    The Vedic/Gurukul approach to education is as old as time itself and one can achieve so much with one’s body through Yoga, Meditations and Exercises.

  • Overall Development

    100% Natural process for Neurons Regeneration & Brain Detoxification is used which Improve Focus & Concentration & Senses Power,improves Academic performance, Boost immunity & Relieves Stress, Irritation & Anxiety.

  • Revolution in Education

    By increating the focus and concentration using the power of meditation, Brain activities, Brain Games ; Bacchapanti is making a revolution in education.

  • Making and Breaking Records

    Every kid in the bacchapanti is having the potential to make or brake records that we are working on.

  • Creating SuperKids

    Every kid of born with many hidden potential abilities which they lost with time, With the customize fun based course of bacchapanti, we want to simulate the hidden potential from every kid of this world.

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Our Classes

Our Kid's development Programs has dedicated classes below as shown below.

We Provide class with only 8 to 10 children with age group of 6 years to 15 years.

  • Ninja Einstein
    Genius and Super Fast Brain
    (5 to 15 years old)
    8-10 Class size
  • Ambidextrous
    Writing with both hands
    (5 to 15 years old)
    8-10 Class size
  • Ninja Aaryabhat
    Fast Calculations
    (8 to 15 years)
    8-10 Class size
  • Rubic's Cube
    Solving Cubes for Better IQ
    (8 to 15 years)
    2-3 Class size

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Meet Our Staff

Experienced, dedicated, well behaved staff with master of their field (subject)

We are having the group of 20+ professionals with global domain experts in relevant field, who dedicatedly work for the development of kids.

Our main technical training staff having people with huge experience in child education, activity based learning and various brain development activities.

    • lalit k garg
      Lalit K Garg

      Lalit K Garg

    • I am having 15+ years experience in child education, Kids/Parents counseling, brain development activities, Me being as am head trainer at Bacchapanti is passionate about to innovate and to apply different technique & solutions for child development.

    • sagar


    • My Name is Sagar and my experience is about 10+ years in development for kids by using yoga and Meditation. It’s my 3rd year at Bacchapanti and I loved each & every minutes of it by making children’s learning so easy with fun.

    • rajender


    • I am Rajender and I am working as also a Yoga and Meditation trainer at Bacchapati. I am having more than 15+ years experience in yoga I have more than 15+ experience in Yoga, Meditation, Early child education & kids development activities.

    • sangita


    • I am Sangita, I have completed my graduate diploma in Early Childhood Teaching. I have worked with kids with age group of 3-10 years to Ten years and its my second year at Bacchapanti.

  • My child has come on quickly and start to take no pressure for studies as his learning abilities are improving Day by day.

  • I personally found Bacchapanti a perfect institute for kids to start a fresh beginning with best and trained teachers in the best environment.

  • We are thankful to Bacchapanti from the core of our heart for our kids overall development and making their study interesting.

  • It was amazing experience! Thanks to the head trainer and all the staff for making changes in our kids ! They are now highly creative and logical !!

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Bacchapanti’s Kid's Development Course is now online available

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